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What are the benefits of apricots for the body


What is apricot:

Apricot is a fruit that contains seeds and belongs to the family of rosacea, and apricots germinate in the summer, and is a very delicious fruit, and take the color yellow or orange, apricot contains a lot of benefits to the human body, and be on types such as fresh apricots, dried apricots or apricot juice.

What are the benefits of apricots:

1-Apricot benefits for children:

Apricot is one of the most delicious fruits that children love. In addition, it contains calcium, which helps to grow bone properly.

2- Benefits of Apricot for Pregnant:

The use of apricots is beneficial for pregnant women and their fetus alike. Apricots can help the fetus grow because it contains many minerals, and it also protects the mother from diseases such as anemia because it contains iron.

Apricots also contain natural fibers that help facilitate digestion and treat constipation, as well as protection from gaining weight.

3-The benefits of apricot for the heart:

Apricots help protect the heart from disease and improve the heartbeat because apricots contain soluble fiber as it works to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol in the human body in addition to increasing the proportion of good cholesterol, and this can prevent human heart disease Heart attacks and weak heart muscle.

4- Apricot benefits for eyes:

Apricot contains vitamin A.If you suffer from low vision or eye problems, eating apricots daily can help you to treat these diseases, as apricots enhance the health of the eyes, and it prevents from macular degeneration, which causes blindness in the elderly Apricots are also useful for those who have dry or related eye disease.

5- Apricot benefits for skin:

Apricot helps to strengthen and strengthen the skin, and protect it from wrinkles and dehydration, as it helps in the treatment of skin diseases such as pills, pimples, etc., so there are many cosmetics that are made from apricot extracts, and apricots are rich in antioxidants that protect against damage Environmental resulting from sunlight.

6- Apricot benefits for liver:

Some studies have indicated that apricots help protect the liver from oxidative stress caused by alcohol. Apricots can also protect against liver cirrhosis because they contain antioxidants.

7- The benefits of apricots for hair:

Apricot oil contains vitamin E that helps promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.It also treats scalp problems and is used to moisturize dry and dull hair.

8- Other benefits of apricots:

1- can help in weight loss because it contains a few calories.

2- Apricots contain many important vitamins such as vitamin C, which helps to treat colds.

3- helps in the prevention of cancer because it contains antioxidants, which prevent the formation of cancer cells in the human body.

4- Apricot is rich in water naturally it helps the body to moisturize.

5- Promotes the health of the intestines and digestive system in the body.

6- is a good food for diabetics.

7- Apricot seed oil helps fight infections such as colitis and enteritis.

8- Promotes bone health.