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This tree was captured in Pakistan

In The Landy Kotal area, an army camp in Pakistan, a chained tree is found from everywhere as if it were preventing it from escaping, as well as a sign hanging on one of its branches that says, "I'm in detention!"

What's the secret of a captured tree in Pakistan?

This tree has raised many questions about why it was chained and has been the focus of attention for visitors and tourists. The story of the tree dates back to 1898, when British officer James Squid, under the influence of alcohol, thought the tree was moving from its place and ordered the soldiers' squad to arrest her. The soldiers complied with the officer's orders and handcuffed the bush with the chains that still surround edited it to this day more than 100 years later!

As for the reason that it remained restricted all this time, because the British wanted to send a message to the people that their fate was like a tree if a tribesman dared to take action against the British Raj at the time.

The tree is seen by the local population as a symbol of the unjust laws enacted by the British colonizer during the colonial era to counter opposition and the people. These laws allowed the government to carry out collective punishments of tribes and families found to have joined the opposition. Oddly enough, these laws are still in force in some federally administered tribal areas (FATA) in northwestern Pakistan.