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Facebook has blocked more than 2 billion offending accounts

Facebook has published the new version of its periodic report on the application of community standards in which the social network explains its dealings within 10 policies with content posted on its website.

For the first time, Facebook has revealed in detail how it deals with publications related to suicides or physical and personal abuse. She provided information on how to apply her policies on Instagram, particularly in the areas of child abuse or pornographic and terrorist content.

Facebook praised the technical advances it has made in finding and dealing with large numbers of publications that are in violation of a large number of publications.

In the second quarter of this year, Facebook removed 2 million personal lycée-related posts, more than 96% of which were technically discovered without being reported.

On Instagram, Facebook removed 835,000 posts during the same period, with an automatic detection rate of more than 77%.

In the third quarter of this year, Facebook removed 845,000 publications and increased accuracy and responsiveness to such violations to more than 79%.

As for the content published by terrorist organizations, the rate of automated identification has increased to more than 98% on Facebook and 92% on Instagram.

Facebook continues to develop its machine learning technologies and algorithms so that it can cover, detect and handle more offending content quickly before it is even reported.

According to the company's reports, it is achieving a significant development by raising the rate of detection of violations in all forms, from the sale of drugs to terrorist or pornographic content.

Facebook's technologies can also deal with hate speech and bullying, as it recognizes 80% of the violations, a marked growth over the previous quarter. Facebook supports 40 languages around the world and has removed more than 7 million publications in this field.

Finally, the company says it disabled 2.19 billion fake and infused accounts in the first quarter of this year due to violations of community standards policies.