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OnePlus phone 8 Pro will come with a flat rate of 120Hz instead of 90Hz

OnePlus 8 Pro is the next version of the flagship phone from OnePlus, last May mobile phone users discovered the revolutionary invention known as 90Hz and the madness of the world, which made many call the screen phone OnePlus 7 Pro as the best screen in a smartphone in 
the market right now.

Oneplus seems to be considering taking the evolution to the next stage with the Oneplus 8 Pro, where the company is considering putting a 120Hz screen inside it to become one of the fastest phones ever, and it seems that the company is also planning to make oneplus 8 with a 90Hz screen instead of the normal 60Hz screen.

This information comes from a trusted source of leaks named Max J. through his official Twitter account where he clearly hinted that the One plus 8 Pro phone will come with a 120Hz screen.
In the past, the leaker believed in a lot of the information he leaked and it is not surprising that the surprises of The Chinese company Oneplus, which are always leaked the form of phones and all information about phones well in advance of their release.