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SAmoled screens is a new type for Samsung screens before the launch of the S11

SAmoled screens are the latest that Samsung's labs and research departments have been able to offer in recent times and it seems that the Galaxy S11 series will change the screen type again to include this type.

SAMOLED screens got a patent in South Korea in the category of mobile phone screens which means and confirms that the screens will be used in the flagship phones next year namely the Galaxy S11, of course Samsung started working on this family so you can expect more and more leaks in The coming days, although the situation is similar to what was done before, we will see it next March, as happened with the Galaxy S10.

On another note and another leak, a well-known leaker on Twitter leaked the colors of galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11e phones where according to the leaker, the Galaxy S11 will come in black, gray and blue while the galaxy S11e smaller and cheaper of course will come in blue, gray and pink.

It is worth mentioning that when Samsung launched the new Amoled screens in galaxy S10 phones launched the name Dynamic Amoled, which is screens that support HDR10+ technology and can produce high intensity of pixel and lighting together, of course the SAmoled telly comes as a shortcut to Sam Amoled but no There is no information or even hints about the technology the company will use on the screen or the basic difference between it and the rest of the screens.

Personally I am very much waiting to see the new screens for me the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 screens were one of the best screens on the scene in general so I hope to see the new level that Samsung will reach in the coming period.