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Helpful tips to keep skin looking bright this winter

Helpful tips to keep skin looking bright this winter

Bright skin is known to capture light and suggest youthfulness and youthfulness. This is why 
Instagram pioneers use the help of image-editing filters to give brightness to the skinned people in the pictures. In everyday life, however, these filters can be replaced by some practical steps that make the luminosity look bright by using a primer and a primer that matches skin color and nature, as well as a radiance booster to get the perfect result.

Helpful tips to keep skin looking bright this winter

1- Skin revitalization:

Massage is a great way to wake up the skin and enhance its radiance. Take advantage of applying the moisturizing or nourishing cream to your skin to massage it with moderate-intensity pressure movements and the tips of the fingers applied to the contour of the face from the forehead towards the temples down to the jaws and neck. Then the transition is made to the eyebrows massage and the direction from the inner corners of the eyes towards the outer corners through dark circles. Each movement should be repeated 3 times to help stimulate blood circulation and promote skin radiance.

2- Applying a basic product:

Use a color based foundation of your choice, according to skin color and type, and apply it to the entire face to hide various impurities. Pink primer helps add fresh complexion to light skin. If it is yellow, it hides the gray appearance of pale and lossy skin, especially in the case of Mediterranean women. The base product with apricot gradients works to revive the wheaty skin, especially when you suffer from the appearance of spots, while the base product, rich in pearly reflections, gives radiance to specific areas of the face.

3- Choose the right foundation:

Choosing the right product in this field begins by selecting the right color for the skin. Check the arteries at the inner side of the wrist. If these arteries tend to be blue, choose a foundation cream tilted with its gradations to pink, and if they tend to green, then choose a foundation cream that tilts honey or golden. And if you find it difficult to determine the color of the arteries as being not visible, choose 3 gradations of the foundation cream that are closest to your skin, apply it to the jaw, and choose the color that is closest to your skin color. As for the formula of this product, preference remains for liquid formulas or gel formulations that provide the skin with transparent and bright coverage.

4- Defining the face as appropriate:

Determination is made using shades of cheeks and lotions that enhance radiance as they highlight the curves of the face. If you have brown skin, choose orange shades of cheeks. If it is white, choose shades of cheeks with pink hues, and if it is prone to redness, it is suitable for shades of cheeks with coral hues. Provided that the cheeks of the cheeks from the cheeks are applied toward the ear, the radiance-enhancing product is applied to the nose bone, between the nose and lips, and to the cheekbones. Choose it with golden or copper hues for dark skin and pink for light skin.

5- Hiding shadows:

To add radiance to the areas covered by shadows on the face, such as the sides of the nose, the area between the ends of the nose and the corners of the lips, in addition to the sides of the lips, use a brightening booster pen that you choose in a pink or pale color for light skin. And it tends to orange for wheat and dark skin. Apply it right after the foundation, then apply a little bit of transparent powder to your strip.

Source: alarabiya