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Five strangest violations in the world

Five strangest violations in the world

There are some irregularities that may be common actions in your country but they are more complicated in some other countries, but there are 5 irregularities that are the most strange in the world.

Five strangest violations in the world

1- Television tax

Finland imposes a tax on television, and Finns pay their tax if they own a TV and even if they do not own it.

2- Underwear

It is illegal in Thailand to leave your home without wearing underwear, and Thai law punishes violators with a fine.

3- Eat chocolate

There was a law from the nineteenth century in Britain prohibiting women from eating chocolate on public transport, but it was later abolished.

4- Dog rights

You can be fined and incarcerated if you make ugly or frowned expressions for dogs in Oklahoma, USA.

5- Chewing gum

Chewing gum in Singapore may cause you to be imprisoned, as there is a law that strictly prohibits chewing gum in the country since 1992, and there is an import ban for it, and the only case where chewing gum is allowed is nicotine gum, which you can get through your doctor's prescription.

There is a $ 500 fine if you spit it on the streets, partly because of the costs the government incurs to remove gum traces from the streets.

Source: Sky News