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Five things affect the body of a smoker


What is smoking

There is no doubt that smoking negatively affects the health and structure of the human being. The more a lifetime of a smoker becomes more vulnerable to infection in various diseases, which in turn leads to a weakening of the immune system of a smoker, and produces more than 4000 chemicals, including nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar in the body. , As these chemicals can convert normal cells into cancerous cells, and also cause lung and tissue destruction, and increase in heartbeat and blood pressure.

Five things affect the body of a smoker

What is the effect of smoking?

1- The effect of smoking on infertility:

  Certainly, undoubtedly, smoking is a bad habit that is difficult to separate from the life of the smoker, and has subsequently been affected by the reproductive system and caused infertility, and its effect lies in women more than men, as it causes a decrease in the number of sperms and slows their movement. The earliest time so as not to damage the reproductive system.

2- The effect of smoking on the lungs:

  Smoking causes major changes in the lungs and airways, some sudden changes such as: colds and pneumonia, and other chronic changes occur slowly and can last a lifetime such as: emphysema. Here are the changes that occur in the lungs when smoking:

1- More mucus and inflammation:

  Because of the increase in the production of mucus in the lungs and the increase in its thickness, the lungs cannot clean it effectively, which causes it to stay in the bronchial tubes and sometimes block them.

2- Low air flow:

  Smoking inflames and irritates the lungs, which sometimes causes a cough, and causes damage to the lung and its tissues, which reduces the number of air spaces and blood vessels in the lungs, and in turn leads to the reduction of oxygen to the critical parts of the body.

3- Reduces cilia:

  Its task is to clean the lungs after seconds after lighting a single cigarette, and smoking one cigarette can slow down the cilia for several hours, and the number of cilia may decrease over time.

3- The effect of smoking on a pregnant woman:

Smoking during pregnancy exposes the mother and her unborn child to an increased risk of health problems and many problems such as: abortion and premature birth. There are several complications that may occur during pregnancy, including:

1- Pregnancy outside the womb.

2- Abortion.

3- Death of the fetus in the womb.

4- Early birth.

5- Placenta displacement, by separation from the uterine wall.

4- The effect of smoking on the heart:

The heart relies on large amounts of oxygen and nutrients from the coronary arteries and their branches, and over time, fatty deposits (atherosclerosis) can accumulate inside one or more coronary arteries, which increases the likelihood of a heart attack due to a lack of blood flow to the heart.

5- The effect of smoking on teeth:

   Smoking affects teeth and gums clearly and cannot be ignored. Among the most important effects that smoking has on the mouth:

1- Smoke contains nicotine, which leads to addiction.

2- Cancer, including cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus.

3- Corrosion of tooth enamel.

4- Gum infections, over time you can lose your teeth due to gum disease and infections.