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What are the causes of hair loss? What are the natural ways to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss

Have you seen your hair fall out without knowing the reason? If yes, you do not panic and fear that because with modern and advanced scientific and technological progress, there is definitely a solution, as it can be treated through hair transplantation or through a medication designed to treat hair loss, but before taking any treatment you know the very common causes of the process of falling hair.

What are the causes of hair loss? What are the natural ways to prevent hair loss?

What are the causes of hair loss in people?

1- Fatigue, fatigue or illness:

   If you have recently experienced any physical or emotional stress or a chronic illness, this may lead to sudden hair loss, and examples of this pattern such as: a person’s financial crises, family problems, anything that affects the person negatively, and in this manner you cannot do anything Just wait for your hair to grow again once your stress or illness has ended.

2- Pregnancy in women:

   Sometimes a woman may experience a small amount of hair loss, but a woman may experience more hair loss after the birth of the child, but there is no need for anxiety and fear during a few months that will restore hair growth.

3- Vitamin A:

When consuming anything in abundance, the matter turns against the person, and here we note that if you take a dose of vitamin A more than what your body requires, you will face the possibility of hair loss, then you must take an amount appropriate for the body not to fall into this matter.

4- Lack of protein:

If the appropriate amount of protein is not available in the body, there will be hair loss, and the solution to this problem includes that our diet be integrated and contain protein to avoid hair loss.

5- Hormonal imbalance due to the drug:

This often happens when taking any supplement or medication to stimulate or restore hormones, for example: taking a drug to treat infertility as the hormonal change resulting from this medicine may cause hair loss, or any type of these drugs that causes a hormonal imbalance in a person, so it can be skipped This is to visit the doctor and ask him to change the treatment given, then the hair will stop falling out.

6- Anemia:

   Iron deficiency in the body may lead to hair loss in people. It also includes anemia to other symptoms such as: pale skin, cold legs, hands, fatigue and headache, and here the doctor will perform a blood test to check the causes and to give the treatment and medication necessary to strengthen iron in the body.

7- Vitamin B deficiency:

Vitamin B deficiency can lead to hair loss. To solve this problem you may need nutritional supplements and a diet rich in vitamin B to make up for the deficiency.

8- Sudden weight loss:

When you do diets and put you in a program to lose weight and you have obtained great results and a significant and rapid weight loss, this is very good, but losing weight in this way may be a shock to your body and may lead to hair loss without knowing this, so when you follow the diets and programs you should consult with the food expert to give you Dietary supplements containing vitamins and proteins necessary for the body to avoid future hair loss.

Natural recipes to prevent and strengthen hair loss:

1- Hot olive oil:

Through massaging the scalp with hot olive oil, it is considered one of the best treatments to improve the blood circulation of hair follicle cells, and also helps in strengthening the scalp and preventing hair loss.

2- Fenugreek to promote hair growth:

Fenugreek is rich in hormonal fluids that help in hair growth and the improvement of hair follicles as well as they contain proteins that in turn promote hair growth.

3- Coconut oil:

It helps in softening the scalp, and also helps in moisturizing the hair, and it is considered one of the natural means to help the hair grow faster, in addition because coconut oil is used to treat damaged and frizzy hair.