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American Presidents Oddities

American Presidents Oddities

Trump is not alone in the strange behavior of the presidents of the United States. Before that, 44 connoisseurs of the presidential summit passed it, and with the biographies of some of them we find stories and tales that may not be accepted by the mind except after a strengthened audit evidence, as a vice president who died and became the president, and checked Al-Arabiya.net with stories about making him home White is like a zoo, and I found it correct and written up to his official biography, the late Calvin Coolidge in 1933 is 61 years old, the 30th President of the United States, and the only one among her presidents born on a date celebrating its independence day on July 4 of each year.

American Presidents Oddities

The president who lost gambling in the White House
College, he took with him to the most famous Presidential House in the world 6 dogs and a cat and a Shibley lion and Tessa and a number of birds of the oe and deer gazelle, as well as a small "hippopotamus" known as Hippopotamus in Latin, in addition to a predator they call it "red slit" or English Bobcat, similar to cats. He also came with an animal, who has no clear name in Arabic, which is Wallaby in Australia in particular, or a "kelp" like a kangaroo, and publishes "Arabic. Net". His picture below is next to a second to another he was accompanied by college, and there is no Arabic name for him, which is Pygmy goat more like Tess Dwarf Goat.

All of these animals, and perhaps others as well, lived from 1923 to 1929 in and around the White House after Coolidge took over as the successor to whoever died and was elected president and his deputy Coolidge, Warren Harding whose first term lasted only two years and 5 months due to his early death, and the famous for a story Strange that "Al Arabiya.net" will come in another news as well, and it is about his addiction to gambling, to the point that he put the White House plate set as one bet in the game of poker and lost it all.

Green snake as skinny as spinach and skinny as my aunt Emily
And not only Coolidge brought animals, other than dogs and cats to the White House. Before him, from 1797 to 1801, he lived in the Presidential House snake, accompanying President John Adams throughout his term. One of my two sons, President Herbert Hoover and his name was Alan Henry, came with a crocodile husband who also lived in the vicinity of the White House for the duration of his father's tenure that began in 1929 and ended 4 years later.

As for Alice Roosevelt, the eldest of 6 children of President Theodore Roosevelt, she was 17 when her father took office in 1901 as an elected president. By American media about the diaries she left, and also that her younger brother Quentin bought 4 snakes at one time, and he brought her to the Salon of the Oval White House.

Source: alarabiya