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What are the benefits of grapes - for the heart - for diabetes - for the eye - for infections

What are the benefits of grapes

What is grapes:

It is small pieces that taste sweet and grow and are grown all over the world, and it is a lovely fruit for young and old due to its delicious and wonderful taste and taste, and it contains iron, potassium, phosphorus and many other minerals important to the human body, and grapes have many other uses and uses that can be cooked and mixed with Food products, examples are grape jam, raisins, grape molasses and many other things.

What are the benefits of grapes - for the heart - for diabetes - for the eye - for infections

What are the benefits of grapes:

1- Grapes for the Heart:

There are many rich benefits of grapes, including the heart. Studies and research have shown that grapes slow down and protect against heart disease. The polyphenols in grapes can protect against heart disease by curbing atherosclerosis that causes heart attacks and strokes. Grapes also contain a nutrient called petrostilbene that can lower levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the human body by increasing the ability of other enzymes to reduce levels of fats in the bloodstream.

2- Grapes for aging:

Studies and research have shown that grapes reduce and reduce the effect of aging, due to the presence of anti-oxidant resveratrol, which has positive effects on genes affecting aging by restricting caloric intake.

3- Grapes for diabetes:

Studies have proven that grapes, the compounds present inside the grapes, lower blood sugar levels, in addition because the substance resveratrol increases insulin sensitivity, which improves the body to use glucose and thus low blood sugar levels, and this substance also increases the number of glucose receptors on the cell membrane, which leads to its beneficial effect On blood sugar.

4- Grapes for the eyes:

That the presence of some chemicals in grapes can protect the eye from some common diseases, such as reducing damage to the eye network, and it has been found that the substance resveratrol protects the cells of the retina's eyes from UV rays, and also the grapes help to prevent eye damage due to blue light.

5- Grapes for Memory:

Through scientific research indicated that grape juice improves the speed of skills associated with memory and the brain, and it is possible because of the substance Resveratrol is improved learning and increase growth and blood flow, which in turn also helps in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

6- Grapes for the bones:

Grapes contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, manganese and vitamin K, which in turn can improve and strengthen bones and protect them from brittleness.

7- Grapes for inflammation:

Despite the many benefits of grapes, it is also beneficial and good for infections in the throat and mouth, especially grape juice, which has not yet matured. It benefits and reduces inflammation of the throat and pharynx due to its anti-inflammatory properties.