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What are the benefits of olive oil - for the heart - for the skin - for the stomach - for hair

olive oil

What is olive oil:

Olive oil is considered one of the basic and main foods for people because it contains many benefits and properties that are useful for all parts of the body, and the oil is extracted from the grains of olives after the process of pressing in the places designated for the production of olive oil, and olive oil is considered one of the best and most beneficial types of natural oils that exist in our lives, as It goes into the cosmetic manufacturing process and is used in food and many other uses.

What are the benefits of olive oil - for the heart - for the skin - for the stomach - for hair

What are the benefits of olive oil:

1- Olive oil for the heart:

Olive oil contains natural healthy fats that reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering the level of cholesterol, and also helps to raise the level of good cholesterol and reduce the bad percentage of it, and because of the natural fats present in the oil can also activate the ability of blood clotting. Also useful in treating the hardening of the arteries of the heart and stimulating the heart muscle.

 2- Olive oil for the skin:

The most important thing that distinguishes olive oil is moisturizing and softening the skin. It has been used for thousands of years and yet for the skin and skin due to the presence of acids in the oil composition that prevent water from drying out on the skin and skin, and it also contains high antioxidants that can eliminate and reduce free radicals causing For cancer, in addition to that it prevents premature aging and gives the body more activity.

3- Olive oil for the face:

Olive oil for the face is used to cleanse the face and skin from any impurities present on the face in addition to moisturizing the face, which makes it smoother, healthier and more beautiful.

4- Olive oil for the stomach:

Studies have shown that olive oil is beneficial for the digestive system, it can contribute to facilitating digestion and reduce stomach spasms and constipation, protect and protect the stomach lining well, reduce gastritis and stomach ulcers and stimulate the work of the pancreas, also olive oil helps in losing weight When following diets.

5- Olive oil for hair:

Olive oil improves the strength and activity of hair, making it shinier and reducing wrinkles when used continuously, it helps in softening the hair and giving it elegance and beauty.

6- Olive oil for teeth:

Olive oil is one of the effective remedies for pain and toothache and gums. By rinsing the oil or by taking a tablespoon of oil and distributing it completely inside the mouth, it helps and reduces the pain.

7- Olive oil for the ear:

One of the important benefits of olive oil is its use of the ear when there is wax inside it, so we put several points inside the ear where the olive oil helps the wax sticking out of the ear, so it can be used a week or two days depending on the need or when the ear is completely cleaned of wax.

8- Olive oil on an empty stomach:

When consuming olive oil on an empty stomach, it reduces constipation in the body, removes toxins from inside the body, and also strengthens bones and joints, stimulates and stimulates the digestion of the body, treats colon and liver diseases, stimulates the immune system and regulates blood sugar.