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Chinese company launches smartphone with "super" camera at an "attractive" price

Who is the Xiaomi company?

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, is considered one of the best companies that have recently appeared in the field of smart phone industry, thanks to the available expertise, it managed to overturn the equation, through which it launched large numbers of phones that contain a lot of features and features and the lowest prices, which made them take Great reputation in the mobile industry, which helped her achieve the highest sales rate in a very short time.

What is the new phone

Technical reports said that the Chinese company, "Xiaomi" for smartphones, launched a new smartphone in Japan, betting on the attractive price, which constitutes a disturbing competition for the American company "Apple" that wants to preserve the "lion's share" in the Asian country.

According to what was reported by the "Bloomberg" website, the Japanese could submit pre-orders until they obtained the Android Note 10 phone, beginning December 16th.

The price of this phone does not exceed 52 thousand and 800 yen, which is approximately 486 US dollars, knowing that it is characterized by its great accuracy in display and its camera, which provides an accuracy of 108 megapixels.

And the phone is betting on its very strong battery, because its capacity reaches 5260 mAh, that is, it can stand for more than two days, while the size of the display, with the technology of "OLED", is 6.5 inches.

Xiaomi, along with other Chinese companies such as Huawei, seeks to find popular markets abroad, in order to compensate for the weak internal demand, especially as Xiaomi shipments, for example, to India fell by 30 percent during the third quarter of this year.

The company is facing fierce competition in Japan, which is also witnessing a decline in the level of smart phone sales, in which "Apple" holds the "Lion" share of the market.