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The "Dancing Forest" is the strangest forest in the world in Russia

Dancing forest in Russia

What is this forest?

This Russian forest is considered the strangest forest of the whole world in the form of its trees and nature, which made them call it the dancing forest, as its trees are twisted as if they were dancers dancing. And this in various forms and variety makes it completely different from all the existing forests in the rest of the world.

The dancing forest was a forest like all forests whose trees were straight and standing like any forest in the world but due to an environmental defect it turned into a dancer, which took many years until the trees began to bend something and everything from straight to oblique trees.

Dancing forest in Russia

What happened to these trees?

During the Nazi rule in Russia, the trees of this forest were completely destroyed until they believed that they would not grow again. Before, then the twists began to increase until it ended up being the current masterpiece.

Why was it called the Dancing Forest?

Because of the emergence and growth of trees again in the forest with this image that resembles worms sometimes and resembles dancers at other times, officials decided to release the name of the dancing forest on it so that the worm forest was not called as the name had begun to spread.