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What are the benefits of garlic for the body - for the heart - for aging


What is garlic:

Garlic has great benefits not only in terms of its taste, which can add a unique flavor to food, but also works to reduce blood pressure in addition to fighting many types of bacteria, because it reduces exposure to diseases and heart problems, such as crises, heart problems, cancer, colds and aging, but How we use garlic in order to get the most benefit without reducing it or using it in the wrong ways We will discuss with you in this article the great benefits of garlic.

What are the benefits of garlic for the body - for the heart - for aging

What are the benefits of garlic:

1- Benefits of garlic for the heart:

It is great to know that garlic can fix a person’s heart problems in a remarkable and great way, as it can improve heart and arterial health and reduce a large number of problems related to it, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol that can cause coronary heart disease and that God A great group of compounds have been put in it, such as sulfur compounds that work to grow and relax the heart muscles in a healthy and sound manner, which works to make the blood pump the body in a moderate way that modifies the entire blood circulation, where we must not reduce the size of that fruit and use it in our food and benefit One of the benefits found in it.

2- Benefits of garlic for cancer:

Knowing that garlic can help fight cancer is something worth looking at and reading about it as possible, since according to a large number of medical studies that people who eat garlic continuously during the week, their body is less likely to develop cancer, in addition to that it reduces colon cancer And stomach cancer as well as the lungs, in addition to breast cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer, and it is believed that methyl sulfide in garlic is largely in the fight against these types of cancer.

3- Benefits of garlic for cold:

It can also be known that garlic helps to fight colds and bacteria that make your body look tired and tired of you. Garlic has been a good remedy when adding it to food without the need for a large number of drugs that can harm your body, and we do not say that it is not important, but garlic is worth trying because It contains a large number of antivirals, antibacterials and fungi that act on oxidation in the body, which strengthens the immune system and thus works to fight the common cold.

4- Benefits of garlic for Alzheimer's:

Garlic produces natural oxidation that helps in eliminating aging, as garlic contains antioxidants and it works to protect the body against the symptoms of aging. There are also supplements called garlic supplements that work to increase enzymes in people, in addition to that garlic reduces the risk of infection With common brain diseases such as dementia.

5- Benefits of garlic for the skin:

Because of its strong and effective properties, garlic protects the skin and skin from the effects of harmful free radicals on the body, and is placed on the skin affected by fungi to reduce its effects. It is also used in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema.

6- Benefits of garlic for hair:

Use garlic to treat scalp problems and to treat hair loss and dandruff. Garlic contains vitamin C that helps stimulate hair growth. Garlic also cleanses hair follicles and helps revitalize and stimulate them and reduce hair loss.

7 - Other benefits of garlic:

1- It is used to calm psoriasis and minor skin infections, as it is used as a sedative to soothe inflamed skin.
2- It improves bone health and physical performance.
3- It reduces toxins inside the body.
4- It strengthens the immune system in the body.
5- A powerful remedy against infections and diseases.
6- Garlic oil may help improve memory.

Garlic damage:

1- Garlic causes bad breath.

2- May cause burning sensation in the mouth or stomach.

3- It may cause some gas, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

4- Some people may have an allergy to garlic.